Light Party is a Halloween alternative

At home and school we teach safety and values . . . but when Halloween comes along, all that goes out the door!

Many parents are not happy about their children trick or treating. Others do not approve of how Halloween celebrates darkness and fear with scary masks, costumes or activities. Some seek a Halloween alternative because of what they see is a negative influence at Halloween, one that encourages poor behaviour.

gr150_hereitisNow you too can help to bring your community together and celebrate good things on October 31st with a Light Party®!

  • A Light Party® is a family oriented event that provides fun and values in a safe environment, suitable for churches, schools and other community groups.
  • To attend a Light Party®, simply click on Party Locations, find a location near you, and go along!
  • If you want to host a Light Party® (or if you already host a positive alternative on Halloween and wish to use the Light Party® name), register with us – it’s free! As a Light Party® Member you can benefit from resources and information and help others by sharing your experiences.
Traditions and celebrations are important – let’s enjoy one that’s positive and builds the family!