Being a Light Party® Member is important, simple and FREE!

The Light Party® name has strong brand recognition and credibility, providing the community with a point of reference and confidence in all Light Party® events. As more churches and groups use the Light Party® brand name we all benefit from being together under one global ‘banner’.

To hold a Light Party® event you MUST register, but it’s FREE!

Light Party® Members benefit from:

  • Use of the Light Party® brand, logo and ideas
  • Access to Light Party® resources, networking and support including:
    • Examples of successful Light Party® activities and events
    • Light Party® Planning materials
    • Templates for flyers, posters, certificates and awards
    • Activity sheets, and
    • much more!

Your obligations as a Light Party® Member are to:

  • Abide by the Light Party® Membership Rules
  • Register your Light Party® 10 days before the event (Publication of your Light Party® at is optional), and
  • Provide simple feedback on your Light Party®, within 10 days of the Light Party®.

Complete the Registration Form online, confirm by email and you are now an official Light Party® member. It’s that easy!

Have a look around, access the resources, and be inspired about planning your own Light Party® another safe, positive, community event.

If you need help just contact us. We’re here to inspire and help you.

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