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Many people see Halloween as a negative influence in our society and parents are looking for a positive alternative to trick or treating and scary costumes.

Here’s why:
  • Walking the streets at dusk isn’t safe
  • Expecting rewards on demand is not appropriate behaviour
  • We don’t like the thought of our children emulating monsters, witches, Dracula and other evil characters
  • It tends to generate animosity within communities
  • The monster masks are scary to small children
  • Being expected to supply treats distresses some people
  • It doesn’t consider the negative consequences of thinking evil is fun.
The answer is – a positive alternative. A Light Party®.
  • Encourages safety
  • Encourages values
  • Celebrates all that is good
  • Builds community spirit
  • Meets the needs of our children
  • Provides low cost family entertainment
  • Establishes a ‘positive’ tradition
  • Enables various groups within the community to come together


What we do . . .

Many churches, schools and community groups have seen this need and are hosting events for their own children, families, and communities.

Light Party® invites churches and community groups to utilise the credibility of the Light Party® brand by registering online (free) and then helps Members by:
– listing location details
– providing comprehensive resources from a passworded online Members Section containing PDF & DOC downloads
– providing global prayer covering and liaison
– promoting Light Party® events through global marketing