All Light Party® Members agree to the following Rules:

  1. Membership applications are accepted at our discretion.
  2. Members accept that the spirit of a Light Party® is founded upon the Christian faith and values, but this does not require Light Party events to be promoted as or actually be overtly religious.
  3. Members accept that any activity associated with a Light Party® or with the Light Party® logo will not promote or use anti-Christian practices, characters or symbols, including but not limited to, Halloween, the Occult or Witchcraft.
  4. In the event of any breach of the Membership Rules, membership may be terminated forthwith
  5. Members agree to uphold safe practices in accordance with applicable local laws.
  6. Membership entitles the member to
    • use the Light Party® logo freely for advertising, promotional or branding purposes
    • utilise Light Party® products and services
    • access Light Party® resources
  7. Members agree to submit a simple “feedback” report within 10 days of conducting a Light Party® event, from which feedback, suggestions and ideas may be made available free of copyright restrictions to assist other members.