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Why Host a Light Party?

Many people see Halloween as a negative influence in our society: ​

  • Walking the streets at dusk isn’t safe

  • Expecting rewards on demand is not considerate behaviour

  • We don’t like our children emulating evil characters or finding fun in negative behaviour

  • The monster masks are scary to small children

  • It doesn’t consider the negative consequences 

                   Parents are looking for a positive alternative.

THE ANSWER IS – A Light Party!​ 
What We Do...

Light Party® invites churches and community groups to host an event for their own children, families and communities.  Utilise the Light Party® brand by registering online (free) and getting your event listed with others.  You can also use our resources (free). Its a way to bring the community together and celebrate good things.

To Host a Light Party...

  • Connect with members of your community to organise a low cost family event

  • Register your event on the website

  • Provide fun and promote positive behaviour in a safe environment

  • Make sure it’s clear there should be no horrible masks or costumes that celebrate the ‘dark side’. Focus on positive things like animals, sports people or superheroes, etc. Be creative about dressups.

  • Utilise the credibility of the Light Party® brand

  • Utilise Light Party® ideas, examples and resources!

Make it official - register your Light Party with us 

Thanks! Message sent.



Provide a community based event that:

  • Connects the community

  • Encourages safety and values

  • Promotes positive behaviour

  • Celebrates good things 

  • Does not allow masks and costumes that promote evil

  • Provides low cost family entertainment

  • Maintains the integrity of the Light Party® brand

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